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About Route 69 Romance Parties


The Owner and CEO, Rosa Donoso, has over 11 years in business, marketing, finance and sales. This will provide the solid framework by which Route 69 Romance Parties will be run.

Route 69 Romance Parties is an in-home party company that sells a premier line of relationship aids, including lubricants, heighteners, and bedroom accessories. Many of our products are not available in stores; they may be purchased online or through our network of independent sales consultants throughout the United States.

We are growing into a multi-million-dollar company. While many businesses have struggled during this economically troubled period, our industry has continued to flourish and grow each year, confirming that its business model is virtually recession proof.

Route 69 Romance Parties is a Los Angeles County Based company that provides Private Home Based, online and mail-order products to the adult community. Because of increasing requests for an intimate setting for demonstrating products such as lotions, Potions and Adult Novelties, Private in home Parties were born. Hooray!


At Route 69 Romance Parties we are striving to be the best Private Home Based adult novelty provider. We are growing fast! Route 69 Romance Parties is providing a strong structure for many entrepreneurs to build a solid business of their own.