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Fun Hostess FAQs

When is payment due? What methods of payment are accepted?

Orders are paid for at the time of your party with cash, personal checks made out to your sales rep, Master Card, Visa and Discover.

How soon should I close my party?

It's best to close your party the same evening if at all possible. 14 days after the party.

How soon will the order arrive?

Usually 1 to 2 weeks. Delivery may take longer if there is a delay in closing your party or problems with payment.

Will my order be confidential?

Yes! Please provide me with a private room or area for guests to meet with me to place their orders.

Can I have a theme party?

Yes! Notify me in advance of any special themes (bridal shower/baby shower, birthday, bachelorette or strippers) so the invitations and enhancements can be coordinated with my policies.

Can I serve food and alcohol?

Yes! Keep refreshments simple. Alcohol may be served, but please keep it to a minimum during my presentation.

Joining the Business FAQs

How do I make Money?

There are many different way you can earn money with Route 69 Romance Parties part-time or full-time.


The most popular way to earn money is to perform home parties. You will earn a generous 50% of all your sales, regardless of your volume. Sell $500 work of products at a party and you earn $250. You will be paid the night of the party, allowing you to earn all your profits up-front.


Upon joining, every Route 69 Romance Parties all the consultants receives a personalized e-commerce website that is open for business 24/7. With each order placed you will earn the same 50% commission you enjoy at your home parties. As you build client base, you will enjoy repeat sales from past customers.


By sharing the Route 69 Romance Parties opportunity with others, you will receive a 5% commission on all your personally sponsored recruit's retail sales. You can also earn a training bonus when you train others. Our team building levels offer commissions down 3 levels. Your income potential is unlimited!

Do I need prior sales or business experience?

No. Our training program will teach you step-by-step how to perform a home-party, how to input your orders and unique ways in which to grow your business. Helping you to grow your business and keep it profitable is our main goal.

These products sell themselves and with our generous Hostess Rewards, Booking Route 69 Romance Parties are easy. In this industry, you never have to beg or bribe your friends to have parties. Our parties are in demand. The romance party industry is experiencing explosive growth. Take advantage of this new trend in home parties and start your business today.

What is Route 69 Romance Parties and how can I benefit from starting my own business?

Route 69 Romance Parties was developed with two goals in mind. First, we provide business opportunities for anyone looking to:

  • Free themselves from the corporate rat race
  • Increase their monthly income
  • Create pride of ownership through starting their own business
  • Create more spare time for family
  • Create steady streams of residual income for life

Second, we offer products that enhance the lives of individuals and couples. Route 69 Romance Parties is proud to showcase a wide variety of products ranging from luxurious spa items, massage tools and sensual toys to enhance the romance in any relationship.

Our consultants educate customers at one of our many private and customized home parties. With the highest payouts in the industry, Route 69 Romance Parties consultants make more with us than they would with our competitors. Whether you want to start a home-party business or simply sell products on-line, Route 69 Romance Parties can help you achieve your financial goals.

What Products are available to sell?

Spa Line

Our bath and body products are sure to pamper you with the highest quality ingredients, like Shea Butter and Aloe. Treat yourself to our wonderful collection of Body Butter, Soaps, Sprays and candles.


Release your tension and massage your worries away with our massage lie. Our oils, lotions, exclusive massage candles, and massage tools will enhance any close encounter.


From bachelorette party supplies to relationship enhancing DVD's, our novelty section is full of fun and romantic options. You'll find bedroom games and a variety of bedroom fun!

Erotic Toys

Our bedroom accessories are sure to satisfy any need. We have toys for individuals and for couples. Our bedroom secrets will be certain to spice up any relationship.